• 07/09/19 - 7 Hr Blower Door Training - Hudson

    For licensed Mechanical and air-conditioning contractors and their employees who already HAVE hands-on field experience with related air balancing and testing equipment -- THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW DO THE BLOWER DOOR TESTING with written verification on NEW RESIDENTIAL STRUCTURES beginning July 1, 2017!!

    8am - 4pm - Lunch included

    This course is a HANDS-ON specialized training course which includes continuing education for state and registered contractors. Hands-On Exercises and Evaluations include:

    *Review provisions of the Florida Code, duct testing, air changes and air leakage
    *Principles of blower door science, baseline & general analysis emasurement
    *Visual inspection principles, review of heat transfer and humidity
    *Understanding air leakage - total vs. outside
    *Diagnostics of pressure and measurement; setting up and useing manometers 
    Establishing baselines and accounting for pressure differentials
    *Review of air balance and duct pressure; thermal and air barriers
    *Review of approved software for sizing and code compliance
    *Preparing equipment for blower door testing, setting up and calibrating gauges
    *Setting up and using blower door equipment and manometer technology
    *Preparing reports as required by Code for air exchange verificaiton 

    Hudson, FL. - Contractors Institute Learning Center 8238 Joliet Street

    CILB #0611721 - 7 hours general
    BCAI - reciprocates with CILB for 7 general hours
    FL PE - Provider #0003654 - Course #09876
    FL BAID - reciprocates with CILB for Area of Practice hours
    FL HI - reciprocates with CILB for 7 general hours 

    18 seats available.
    Price: $395.00