• 09/16/2020-09/17/2020 - 14-Hr Principles of Mold Assessment/Remediation

    MOLD: #0000110- 14 hours (all required)
    CILB: #0610927- 14 hours (12 general, 1 business, 1 safety)
    HI: reciprocates for 12 hours general
    BCAI/PE/Architects: reciprocates with CILB for 12 general hours

    (Other licenses or licenses from other states - please contact us before enrolling!)

    This 14-hour course is the covers the basics of mold identification, moisture and mold control, investigating hidden mold problems, and cleanup procedures. OSHA standards, moisture concepts, microbiology 101 and building code compliance will also be discussed.

    92 seats available.
    Price: $218.00