• 04/16/2021 -ICC Coastal & Floodplain Inspector CLASS/WEBINAR

    8:00 am - 5:00 pm
    Contractors Institute, 8238 Joliet Street, Hudson FL 34667

    This course is an exam prep course to prepare you to pass the ICC Coastal & Floodplain Inspector exam. You should be able to assess the construction methods and design of structures located in areas affected by the extreme effects of nature,high wind, and flooding.  PREREQUISITES: YOU MUST HAE A CURRENT CERTIFICATION AS RESIDENTIAL BUILDING INSPECTOR (B1 OR 1B),AND A COMMERCIAL BUILDING INSPECTOR (B2 OR 2B). Students have access to online recordings and unlimited simulated practice exams online (inspector) for 60 DAYS. Increments of additional 45 days may be purchased with a "retake fee" of $150.

    No CE Credit is offered for this course for Florida boards.
    ICC Preferred Provider #1125 - Course #11360 - 1.9 CEUs

    Price: $350.00