• 07/23/19-07/25/19 - CI Certified Residential Wind Design Technician (WINDLOAD)

    An In-Depth Study of Wind Loads on residential homes.

    CILB #0005555 - 7 hrs (4 General, 1 Workers Comp, 1 Safety & 1 Business)
    ECLB (No approval for Florida ECLB - Electrical Construction Board)
    PEB: Provider #0003564, Course #0000958 - 7 hours Area of Practice
    BCAI Inspectors: Reciprocates with CILB Course #0005555 - 7 hours "General"

    (Other licenses or licenses from other states - please contact us before enrolling!)

    Especially important for our Division I (General, Building and Residential) contractors, this UPDATED seminar to include the 2017 Florida Codes will help you to understand the importance of design and construction details when factoring windloads on the building envelope. This course focuses on the dynamics of wind as it affects the structural integrity of residential homes as they comply with Florida Building Codes using the methodology and reference, "ICC 600". We will bring you up-to-date with changes that affect the way you design and build today, beginning with understanding the fundamentals and terminology of wind pressures and forces on building structure, then reviewing current methodologies used under the Florida Building Code to calculate the loading requirements for buiding structural components including roofing and building claddings.

    This course is a specialized training course required for Division I contractors wishing to certify their own residential wind calculations for permitting.

    98 seats available.
    Price: $495.00