• 09/29/2020 - The Truth About Florida Stucco



    CILB: #0612192 - 7 hrs general
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    COVER YOUR LATH. Developed for practicing industry professionals, this course specifically addresses the TRUTH about "water intrusion in the building envelope."

    Incompetence by many "experts" within our industry in understanding the practice of proper installation of stucco and lath componenets has caused "water intrusion in the building envelope" to become THE most common construction litigation issues of this decade!

    This Florida specific seminar has been researched, developed and is taught exclusively by R.J. (Bob) Koning. With focus on our Florida Building Code, referenced ASTM standards, and field procedures that ensure proper installation of stucco and related components, you will learn the details of the most integral part of the cladding system and the exterior building envelope.

    As a recognized industry expert in stucco and waterproofing practices and litigation issues, Bob's presenation will review in detail Florida's stucco, lath and cladding practices; failures and construction requirements, including building codes and referenced standards. Detailed explanation of principles of moisture migration and bulk transport will also be included. This knowledge will aid in thoroughly understanding moisture related problems that manifest well after building construction is complete (i.e., leaking, mold, building moisture, excess humidity, decay, etc).

    Photographs of documented building damage will be shared to show:

    * Improper maintenance of systems

    * Improper building design

    * Inattention to construction details

    * Improper installation of building envelope components, including a discussion of costing details.

    Diagnostic technologies including REALISTIC remediation and corrective procedures will be presented and discussed.

    This workshop will put an end to the misconceptions and misinterpretations surrounding common building envelope moisture control failures.

    91 seats available.
    Price: $198.00