• 12/09/2020- 7-Hr Mold & Moisture Remediation

    MOLD: #000303 - 7 hrs (MI, M/MS, and SP)
    CILB: #0007559- 4 hrs general, 1 workers comp, 1 safety, 1 business
    HI: reciprocates for 4 hours general
    BCAI/PE/Architects: reciprocates with CILB for 7 general hours

    (Other licenses or licenses from other states - please contact us before enrolling!)

    This 7-hour course is the introductory day to a 2-day Principles of Mold assessment & Remediation course and covers the basics of mold identification, moisture and mold control, investigating hidden mold problms, and cleanup procedures.

    92 seats available.
    Price: $109.00