• 04/14/2021- 7-Hr Mold & Moisture Remediation

    MOLD: #000303 - 7 hrs (MI, M/MS, and SP)
    CILB: #0007559- 4 hrs general, 1 workers comp, 1 safety, 1 business
    ECLB: #0007130 - 4 hrs technical, 1 workers comp, 1 safety, 1 business
    BCAI/PE/Architects: reciprocates with CILB for 7 general hours

    (Other licenses or licenses from other states - please contact us before enrolling!)

    This course has been developed specifically for contractors working with mold and indoor contaminants. Contractors can perform mold related services within the scope of their licenses and this classroom seminar will clear up and explain mold remediation and assessment issues and precisely how they affect contract and field construction operations!


    This detailed presentation will enlighten you about the real issues associated with mold and moisture, including understanding and identification of mold growth in buildings, exposure risks and EPA and OSHA guidelines, vapor and moisture barriers, and moisture control. Florida contractor and mold related services professional statutory and licensing requirements - including code compliance issues, safety and workers compensation. Bring your staff this course will benefit everyone!

    92 seats available.
    Price: $109.00