• 08/12/2021- 7-Hr Mold & Moisture Remediation

    MOLD: #000303 - 7 hrs (MI, M/MS, and SP)
    CILB: #0007559- 4 hrs general, 1 workers comp, 1 safety, 1 business
    ECLB: #0007130 - 4 hrs technical, 1 workers comp, 1 safety, 1 business
    BCAI/PE/Architects: reciprocates with CILB for 7 general hours
    (Other licenses or licenses from other states - please contact us before enrolling!)

    Mold Related Services licensees are required to complete 14 specific hours of CE related to mold. This course will provide those hours for mold and assessors and remediators - NOTE: If you take this course, it will also provide you with the 14 hours required by the CILB for construction related license.

    Florida's tropical environment is a mold haven - this specialized course has been developed with an emphasis on renovation and restoration services in mold and related environments. Designed for residential and commercial restoration contractors, and mold services professionals, we will discuss procedures necessary to deal with mold related damage caused by water losses, sewer backflow, and related contamination. You will learn about procedures for handling water damage restoration, from the initial damage survey through the final billing. 

    Topics include: Microbiology 101; Safety & OSHA Regulations; Moisture concepts & control; Building Coe compliance; Indoor air Quality; Code & Construction Issues; Water Extraction & HVAC Issues; Diagnostic & Containment Equipment; Estimating Remediation Costs; Respirator Equipment; Writing/Interpreting Reports.

    92 seats available.
    Price: $109.00