• Florida Certified General Contractor - (GBR) Full Course

    State Certified course includes live classroom or webinar, access to recorded webinars, home study, and online learning. You are a student until you PASS your exam!  



    Must have four years total of structurally-related experience in commercial construction of four or more stories in four or more of the following: foundation/slabs greater than 20,000 square feet; masonry walls; steel erection; elevated slabs; precast concrete structures; column erection; formwork for structural reinforced concrete. One year of experience must be in new construction from the ground up to completion. You must also include at least one year of experience in the construction of structures at least four stories in height and one year of supervisory experience.  **If you have any questions please contact us at 727-861-7225

    Price: $1,195.00