• Florida Certified Residential Pool Complete Book Bundle

    Complete set of exam references for 2022 Florida state certified Residential Pool category - BUSINESS AND TECHNICAL 

    AIA documents A201(17), A401(17), A701(18)
    Builder's Guide to Accounting (06)
    Contractors Manual (2021) 
    ANSI/NSPI-3 (2017)
    ANSI/NSPI-5 (2011)
    Walker's Building Estimator's Reference Book 32nd Edn.
    Concrete Masonry Handbook 08
    Guide to Shotcrete (2016)
    Article 680 from NEC bound (free w/set)
    Placing Reinforcing Bars (10TH)
    Pool/Spa Operator's Handbook
    ANSI/NSF Standard 50 2020
    Florida Building Code 2020
    OSHA Construction Standards 2021
    Includes pre-printed tabs

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    Price: $1,745.00