• CE: CILB/BCAI Dual Renewal Bundle

    This course provides you with all your hours needed for renewal if you have BOTH a CILB (Construction) license and a BCAI (Building Code Administrators and Inspectors) license. THIS DOES NOT FULFILL ALL HOURS FOR THE HOME INSPECTORS as some of the hours do not cross over to that board.

    This course includes:

    Americans With Disabilities (AOA) Course #0005947 (2 hours AOA for BCAI general for CILB)

    BCAI Laws and Rules Course #0007462 (2 hours BCAI Laws/Rules)

    Ethics and FS 112 Part III Course #0007403 (1 hour BCAI Ethics/1 hour CILB general #0010218)

    2017 Advanced Energy Code Course #0612557 (1 hour BCAI general/1 hour Advanced CILB)

    Building and Renovation Using Zero Energy Course #0609113 (7 hour general)

    FS 440 Workers Compensation Overview Course #0010344 (1 hour general)

    FS 713 Construction Liens Course #0009632 (1 hour general/1 hour CILB business)

    FS 489 CILB Laws and Rules Course #0010016 (1 hour BCAI general/ CILB laws/rules)

    Wind Mitigation Methodologies Course #00100204 (1 hour BCAI general/CILB wind)

    Managing Safety Exposures #0010211 (1 hour safety)

    Price: $129.00