• CE: 7-hour Advanced Building Code: Means of Egress

    Applicable to all industry professionals, Means of Egress is the design, construction and arrangement of egress components required to provide an approved means of exit from structures, portions thereof, and components within and about our projects. 

    This comprehensive course will address minimum requirements, maintenance, fire safety and evacuation plans including definitions applicable to the means of egress, including exit access, exit, exit discharge and the public way.

    Developed to include all trades, this course addresses egress guidelines including gross and net floor areas as needed to determine the required capacity or width of the means of egress and illumination requirements. We will detail the codes and code exceptions applicable to doors, floor elevation, landings, thresholds, hardware, stairways, headroom, handrails, ramps, exit signs, guards, aisles and finally, emergency escape and rescue openings.

    Price: $99.00