• Florida Certified Pollutant Storage Complete Book Bundle

    Complete set of exam references for Florida state certified Pollutant Storage exams (BUSINESS AND TECHNICAL) 

    AIA documents A201(17), A401(17), A701(2018)
    Builder's Guide to Accounting (06)
    Contractors Manual 2021 
    Walker's Building Estimator's Reference Book 32nd Edn.
    CFR OSHA 29 Part 1900-1910.999, 2022
    NFPA 30 (2018)
    NFPA 30A (2018)
    PEI/RP100 (2020)
    PEI/RP200 (2019)
    PEI/RP300 (2019)
    OSHA Title 29 Part 1926, 2022
    API RP 1604, Closure of U/G Petroleum (2021)
    Damage Prevention Guide 
    Your Petroleum Storage Tank Guide 
    Includes pre-printed tabs

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    Price: $1,580.00