• Florida Certified Residential Electrical Contractor - Full Course

    This covers all electrical trades content includes general residential feeders and branches, how the NEC is laid out, series, parallel and complex circuits, Ohm’s and Kirchhoff’s Laws, voltage drops, ampacity, box and conduit fills, transformers, additional material including motors, ranges, and residential & commercial calculations.



    • You must be at least eighteen years of age.

    • You must be of good moral character (you will need a background check & credit check)

    • Meet the education/experience requirements for the category you are applying to get licensed in.


    Experience must be:

    1. as a licensed electrical engineer for three years within the last 12 years; OR

    2. three years of management experience in the trade within the 6 years; OR

    3. four years as a foreman, supervisor or contractor in the trade within the last 8 years; OR

    4. Six years comprehensive training, technical education or broad experience associated with electrical contracting within the last 12 years; OR

    5. Six years technical experience in electrical work in the Armed Forces or governmental entity within the last 12 years; OR

    6. Combination of these qualifications totaling six years. 



    • EC – Certified Electrical Contractor – 40% of work must be in 3-phase work

    • EF – Certified Alarm System Contractor I – 40% of work must be in fire alarm systems

    • EG – Certified Alarm System Contractor II (no fire) – 40% of work must in in alarm systems other than fire alarms. 

    Experience must be proven with copies of W-2 forms for each year of experience listed (or if self-employed Schedule C or K-1 forms); work experience form listing employment in chronological order with detailed job descriptions (one for each employer); employment verification forms; job list, credit reports; and financial statements (see the application for the license for more specific information) **If you have any questions please contact us 1-877-LICENSE.

    Price: $895.00