• Florida Certified Specialty Structure Contractor - Full Course

    State Certified course includes live classroom or webinars, access to recorded webinars, home study, and online learning including module about isometrics. You are a student until you PASS your exam.


    Must include four years total experience in residential/commercial fabrication and/or installation, using aluminum and allied products of foundations (concrete slabs, CMU kneewalls, excavating, laying out, forming and placing pier-type post footings), wall sections (screen walls, framed solid panel walls, screen and storm doors, composite metal panel walls), roof sections (screen roofs), windows (vinyl, glass) and post/beam structures. Additional experience that MAY demonstrate compliance (you will be called before the board) include residential/commercial construction experience in the fabrication and/or installation, using aluminum and allied products, of corner cables and rigid bracing, and siding, soffit, fascias, gutters and downspouts. One year must be supervisory experience.. **If you have any questions please contact us 1-877-LICENSE.

    Price: $795.00